It celebrated a decade on the block last week!

YouTube has been the platform of choice for anyone wanting to share original video content since; singing cats, cute babies and fail videos have all gone viral as careers have been carved for many people around the world.

The term vlogger wouldn’t have made sense 10 years ago but today this is a career choice thanks to YouTube; the only difference between blogging and vlogging is that you record your content, rather than typing it. Thousands of people across the globe have taken vlogging to the next level by creating their own online TV shows. One of the most popular channel categories is hair and beauty whilst other specialist channels focus on genres of interest such as gaming or fitness and YouTube’s answer to reality TV is daily vlogs following the lives of families & individual personalities. There are some incredibly talented personalities on YouTube who now earn a healthy salary by creating videos full time – here’s introducing three of the UK’s finest YouTube exports:


Zoe Sugg launched her beauty channel in 2009, after completing an apprenticeship in interior design. Making YouTube videos is now her full time job and she regularly broadcasts her beauty and fashion tips to her 8 million subscribers. Zoe has since launched a range of beauty products, signed a publishing deal for her bestselling novel Girl Online and become an ambassador for Mind. She’s also been signed to BBC Radio 1 and was a contestant on BBC’S Comic Relief Bake Off special. Her success comes from her ability to generate engaging content that teens all over the world, aspire to.

A fee is payed for every view on a YouTube video that has over 1000 subscribers. YouTube ensure partners do not share how much they earn from YouTube but popular channel hosts have been known to earn anything up from £100,000 per year. The earning potential does not end with a YouTube partnership as companies and advertising agencies have realised how useful a YouTube personality can be for increasing brand awareness and sales. YouTube star endorsements aren’t cheap; Zoella now charges £20,000 a month to advertisers who want to place products alongside her beauty and fashion tips. Huge brands use YouTuber endorsements to spread their brand reach, from beauty products like L’Oreal to sports products from Adidas, and smaller businesses have started to do the same.

KSIolajidebt (KSI)

Olajide Olatunji’s gaming channel has over 3.3 million subscribers making him one of the UK’s most popular digital media stars! His journey to the top started with him recording himself playing FIFA supported by a comedic commentary. He joked in an interview with theTelegraph that his first videos had zero views but his success grew as he became more consistent and regular with his uploads.

Creating regular and engaging content is key to success on all social media platforms. Olajide has included a number of celebrity guests on his channel with many premier league footballers playing a game of FIFA with him. He is the YouTube ambassador for FIFA & “he has enough endorsements to rival David Beckham” says the Telegraph. When he realised his YouTube videos could give him financial reward, he left school, much to his parent’s dismay – however he’s now been able to pay off their mortgage and buy his own home which he’s turned into the ultimate bachelor pad.

The Slow Mo Guys:

Gavin Free & Daniel Gruchy are two ‘normal’ guys from Oxford who have managed to dominate YouTube with their awesome slow motion footage! Their channel has over 5 million subscribers and they’ve featured on the YouTube Poster marketing campaign. Gavin Free started his career as a slow-motion camera operator in the British film industry, then decided to upload a few videos he made on Facebook with Gruchy. The pair quickly found their ‘silly’ projects were hugely popular and that YouTube would provide the platform for maximum exposure for their already popular content.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Gruchy stated that traditional TV is on its way out and YouTube is taking its place as the younger generation’s content provider of choice where they can be entertained on demand on a platform where celebrities and viewers can interact. Viewers would leave comments on their videos suggesting project ideas which saw their channel move away from informational content and focus on the silly entertainment factor – however their videos have been used in science lessons in schools and subscribers share pictures of their lessons where the slow mo videos have been played!

The success of British YouTubers continues to climb at an unprecedented scale and we look forward to introducing you to the next wave of online video superstars soon!