The Force Awakens – an Apprentice’s Review

After waiting what seemed like a lifetime to catch the 7th instalment of the Star Wars mega franchise, the day finally came for me to have my moment. And what better day and place to see it than New Year’s Eve at theBFI IMax in London! We found our seats, sat back and, with a round of applause filling the entire auditorium, the film began.

First thing’s first. I loved it. From the moment the classic theme tune kicked in to the very end scene, it lived up to my expectations from start to finish. I’m a music producer and composer myself, and so to hear John Williams’ magical score throughout the movie was fantastic. Star Wars fan or not, it’s fair to say that John Williams’ theme tune is one of the most recognisable theme tunes ever and Williams’ hugely successful score throughout the film series, resonates firmly, and spectacularly throughout – reminding me why I first fell in love with Star Wars, long before the force awoke!

Rearing on the same tracks, one of my highlights (and there were many) were the iconic lightsaber duels. As a kid, I’d watch epic Jedi vs Sith battles and convinced myself, in childhood innocence, that lightsabers were real and one day I’d have one…not much has changed! In The Force Awakens I was totally left wanting more, and I think everyone else was too. The clashes, the electricity, the energy, the victories – it was all there.

One thing that I felt Abrams did particularly well was bring a touch of humour to the scene. The film’s comedic moments bought the fun, and I’m glad they were included. The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, and since then audiences and fans have passed on through generation to generation, so to keep the momentum moving through into the next generation, The Force Awakens had to appeal to everyone, and it certainly did!

Overall, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a triumph of a film. It had action and comedy, love and betrayal, light and dark, spaceships and lightsabers. Oh, and I can’t forget my new friend, BB-8.

Well done, Abrams – you done good.