The new age of Out of Home (OOH) digital advertising has revolutionised the way commuters are exposed to a brand.

Video content is not limited to the web and social media, the conventional poster boards have adapted to the power of digital media. Targeting commuters reaches a massive sector of the population, as almost 3 million passengers make journeys on the underground every day; it is now common to see digital posters at most tube stations, bus stops and shopping centres across the city.

Research by Exterion Media, one of the leading suppliers of OOH digital advertising, confirm 85% of consumers think “digital escalator panel advertising is excellent” and 61% think it makes their travel through stations “more pleasurable”. Digital panels help adverts stand out among the crowd, they can tell a story to consumers whilst they travel up and down the escalator. A brand has the potential to grab the attention of thousands of customers by entertaining them on a ‘boring’ commute where their attention isn’t focused on anything else. These dead moments of a commuter’s journey allow a brand to own the time of a potential customer – the large digital screens found on tube platforms also take advantage of a commuters dwell time, (the average 3 minutes between trains) as an engaging video advertisement allows consumers to thoroughly consider and digest the campaign message. The sheer size of the large digital screens immerses the commuter in the video content, which then enhances their recall of the product or service it’s promoting. Consumers can see a campaign up to 11 times within 2 weeks making outdoor digital media a highly successful form of subliminal marketing, ensuring a potential consumer will never forget your brand identity.

There is a high cost associated with this form of advertising however the reach to millions of potential clients is worth the price and the ability to target campaigns to reach the right people has never been so accurate. The advertising packages are bought in 2 week slots, and run on 90-120 second loops with 5-20 second slots which are then projected at specific times of the day. Targeting morning commuters (weekdays 6am-10am) will reach millions of consumers; parents, school children, businessmen and women whereas targeting campaigns for 7pm-12am will reach younger consumers on nights out. LCD screens at shopping centres and bus stops have the power to promote information or stream live content from the internet for real time updates. Adverts located in areas of high footfall increase the impact of the message and placing adverts near stores that sell a product will increase sales significantly.

The importance of creating visually stunning and engaging video content is key to a successful OOH advertising campaign. If the content isn’t engaging or entertaining, potential consumers may see you but will they remember you? Loud Monkey create wonderfully engaging video content, live and animated, and we make sure it gets seen by the right people, at the right time. If you’d like to talk about how digital outdoor media can support your business, give Loud Monkey a shout.