Making way for the Rooster!

We might be coming to the end of the Chinese year of the Monkey (the Rooster takes over on January 28th 2017) but it’s always the year of the Monkey here and 2017 is a big one for us!

A trip to the other side of the world in March will see Loud Monkey visit our Australian clients in person, for the first time and having built a strong name for ourselves in the world of corporate video production, we’ve naturally transitioned into the world of TV production with a number of ideas currently in development. Watch this space or subscribe to our ‘lovies’ list to see how our ideas progress.

The Loud Project, our CIC (Community Interest Company) launches in February, under the guidance of the brilliant Steve Carley from The Beat Project. The Loud Project is the result of 4 years of passionate work and a belief, and vision, that we will make a small difference through our love for video production and film. The Loud Project will give video production equipment and training to those in vulnerable communities or situations, to allow them the opportunity to become YouTube stars, internet sensations, entrepreneurs or simply provide access to a video production or filmmaking pathway.

As a predominantly freelance industry, our wonderful crew work on many other projects outside of Loud Monkey and it’s a big year for all Monkeys. Following her time at Central Film School last year, Emily has leapt into the world of film at 91 Productions with a number of projects underway. Her first short film ‘Flush’ is currently in pre-production with collaboration from the Monkeys and our fellow filmmaking friends at The Hideout. Darrell is in pre-production on his first feature film, ‘The Dark’ and at time of going to print Alex is somewhere in Iceland, where he has had the privilege of experiencing the Northern Lights in full effect! Video coming soon (hopefully).

According to KarmaWeather, the Rooster is the sign of dawn and awakening so rise and shine and let’s do this. Hands in the air for yours, and our, loudest year yet!