Today is Animation Day!

The day we take the time to appreciate all the movies, short films and online projects that the animators of today work so hard to produce. So, given that’s what we do at Loud Monkey, we thought we’d crack open the bubbly and celebrate Animation Day (it’s also our 3rd birthday too, feel free to send cake).

Each day, more and more businesses are migrating towards multimedia content for their websites and social media channels, so what’s all the fuss about?

People want fun, engaging and concise content. According to recent studies, the average human attention span is just 8 seconds. So, that means a website containing overly-generous amounts of text will not hold many peoples’ concentration for long, and will most likely be unsuccessful in communicating its core messages.

Businesses using animation are on the increase because they are realising that people are more likely to engage with say, a 30s animation of their company outlining what they do, rather than a long-winded paragraph explaining their entire history! Animation is allowing businesses to showcase their products and services in that fun, engaging and concise way.

At Loud Monkey, we specialise in delivering short animated explainers, to highlight a product, service or message. More recently, we’re creating even shorter snippets of animated content to deliver key messages such as FAQ’s – delivering the most frequently answered questions in a business, in a way people will most likely remember!

On average, the whole process, from concept through to delivery, takes around 8 weeks per 60 second animation. First stage is to meet with the client to understand the core message(s) which we then break down into a 60 second story. Once we’ve established the story, we write the script, create the characters and record the voiceover. We then move into the editing stage, where we spend lots of time making the animation look the very best it can and once editing is complete, we deliver the first cut to the client. Simple. (LOL).

There are so many marketing opportunities available to clients today however the age old adage remains – keep the message simple and communicate it in the way the audience demands. That way right now is video, or in our case, animation.

Here’s to Animators everywhere on our day – oh, and to us being three!