Apple HomePod and Spike Jonze – Leading The Way in Video Advertising

Have you seen it yet? The new Apple HomePod advert sent the internet on fire last week – and quite rightly so. Music and filmmaking at its finest, impeccably directed by Spike Jonze and starring musician and dancer FKA Twigs, this is a masterpiece in advertising, worthy of an Oscar. 

There has been a clear path as a filmmaker/director for decades now where you could make a short film, a high quality television advertisement or a music video to learn to tell stories, experiment, showcase your creative flair and forge a career leading to feature filmmaking.

Ridley Scott made the wonderful 1973 Hovis TV advert which is still referred to by many today as one of the best ads made, later followed by the ‘1984’ campaign for Apple. Two prominent, award winning pieces that changed television advertising. This kind of ‘event television advertising’ has continued throughout the years with major international brands fighting for air time at the Super Bowl in the US and in recent years the battle for the Christmas television advertising with John Lewis, Sainsburys and many more spending millions every year, going head to head creatively, to produce lasting stories that inspire consumers to visit them during the all important Christmas season.

Spike Jonze, now a famous feature filmmaker, started making music videos for Fatboy Slim, Beastie Boys, The Pharcyde and Daft Punk and Spike is back in the spotlight this week having worked with Apple to produce a stunning 4 minute advertisement focused on escapism and really ‘feeling’ the music in your own home. Its the perfect blend of music video and television advertising to suit Apple’s HomePod product.

The media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years with digital distribution being a major component of any audio/visual production but filmmakers are adapting and utilising these opportunities to continue to tell great stories. On TV you had to tell your story in 60 seconds due to broadcasting restrictions but now with digital distribution, advertisers, working with production companies like us, can be as creative as they want to be and choose a duration that suits the story they want to tell. That campaign may include multiple durations and multiple chapters. John Lewis, for example, tend to create 2 minute stories for online, with 30-60s broadcast cuts. 

The good news is you do not need Apple and John Lewis budgets to have an impact but you must take influence from Apple and Spike. Follow these few simple steps and your video might just be the next big thing everyone is talking about:

  • Avoid straightforward corporate video production – be creative, tell a story and engage with your audience
  • Put yourselves in the customer’s shoes and make a personal piece that evokes a feeling, a visual feast that entices them or a high concept piece that leaves them thinking long afterwards
  • Loud Monkey has the power and the tools to create a great 2-4 minute creative video for the internet to attract the hearts and minds of your audience. Use us.

Great directors who started in music videos and advertising

  • Spike Jonze (Apple HomePod)
  • David Fincher (Nike)
  • Mark Romanek (Apple)
  • Ridley Scott (Hovis)
  • Michel Gondry (John Lewis Christmas)